The best materials available in the market are used on the cartridges with innovatory technology. This provides a superior heat transfer, giving uniform temperatures and resistance to oxidation and corrosion even at high temperatures.

technische daren tecnical details HW MW LW
tolerance toleranz 0,02/0,06 mm 0,02/0,06 mm 1/0,10 mm
other tolerance andere Toleranz 0,02-0,04 mm 0.02-0.04 mm 0,02-0,06 mm
Length (L) Lärge (L)      
optional optional max.2500 max.6000 max.6000
lenght tolerance Längentoleranz 1,5%min ±1mm 1,5%min ±1mm 2%min ±3mm
unheater zones unbeheizte Zonen      
bottom (Lu 1) Boden (Lu 1) 6-15 mm 6-15 mm 6-20 mm
head (Lu 2) Kopf (Lu 2) 5-10 mm 5-10 mm 5-10 mm
wattage Leistung      
optional optional max. 35W/cm max. 15W/cm max. 5W/cm
wattage-tolerance Leistungstoleranz +5%-10% +5%-10% +5%-10%
optional optional ±5% ±5% ±5%
watage distribution Leistungsverteilung y y y
separate zones schaltbare Heizzonen y y y
connection voltage Anschlussspannung 230V 230V 230V
optional optional max. 400v max. 400v max. 400v
thermocouple Thermoelement      
Fe-CuNi Fe-CuNi y y y
NiCr-Ni NiCr-Ni y y y
PT-100 (at bottom) PT-100 (at bottom) y y y
sheath material Matelmaterial 304-321 304-321 304-321
Inconet / 316 Inconel optional optional optional
conductor material Material Heizleiter NiCr8020 NiCr8020 NiCr8020
sheath temperature Manteltemperatur max. 700º C max. 700º C max. 500º C
operating temperature Betriebstemperatur max. 700º C max. 700º C max. 700º C
high voltage stability (cold) Hochspannungsfestigkeit (kait) 1500V-AC 1500V-AC 1500V-AC
insulation resistence (cold at 500V-DC) Isolationswiderstand (kait bei 500V-DC) min. 5 m min. 5 m min. 5 m
leakage current (cold at 500V-DC) Ableitstrom (kait bei 253V) max. 0,1 mA max. 0,1 mA max. 0,1 mA