The Quality
Is the first reason for which we worked.
At CARTRIDGEhEATER we analyse all the processes meticulously so that everything leaves perfect. A single cartridge goes through 4 controls of 8 different steps before leaving our facilities.At the present time the cartridges
go through a rigorous quality control, surpassing the norms established for cartridges and every year exceed the certification ISO 9001:2000 with quality of excellence.

At CARTRIDGEHEATER we verified and optimised before making an order, to be able to offer the best durability of our products.
All the materials used in the construction are of the maximum quality of the international market, which support the rigorous processes of manufacture, with the result of a cartridge of excellent qualities.
With a simple phone-call you will know immediately, in which manufacture process are your orders. On which day
you will receive them and any additional information you may need.